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Brooklyn born and bred, now living happily in Cornelius, North Carolina. Widowed, Reformed Christian, Ruling Elder, Toastmaster, Web Designer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Blogger, cat owner, and generally willing to try anything at least once.


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In today's stimulus-response world we don't spend much time thinking about the consequences of our actions, our decisions, or even our purpose. There is no right way, though I am sure there are plenty of wrong ways, to ask yourself appropriate questions and move forward in one's life.

Intravenous Intercessors, and Miracles of Medicine

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Since my wife's cancer diagnosis April of last year, we have become intimately familiar with all kinds of medical devices and technologies. A number of these are intravenous in nature. I thought I'd introduce you to a few of these life-saving blessings...

Home Theater – Once You Go Goo…

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Creating your own home theater is not rocket science, but it is a lot of fun and will bring out the inner DIYer in you. Learn the basics by seeing what I did to create my cinematic sanctuary.

Gratitude – A Lost Exercise

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I have seen a number of folks blog about creating a "gratitude list". My wife has one. It's about time I started one. It basically helps you have a list of all the things to be grateful for, and every day you add a couple and you see over time just how much you have to be grateful for.

Evolution – I Hate Bad Science

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Supposedly, evolution is the gradual improvement of features in an organism by genetic mutation which eventually results in a new "more improved" species. Problem is, in all of recorded history of genetics we have not observed a successful mutation. In fact, we observe the opposite.

Devotional Time

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You've heard the lecture: you shower every day, don't you? You eat every day, don't you? You watch The Office every week, don't you? Then why don't you have a dedicated time learning about, spending time with, and getting to really know, your Lord, your God, your Savior?....

Coffee – Hello Darkness, My Old Friend!

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Coffee... what better way to start the day than a healthy dose of antioxidant bliss? Here are a few of the coffeemaking gadgets that I own to add some variety to my daily coffee making experience.