Evolution – I Hate Bad Science

EGood grief… If I see another article on Evolution, the “Big Bang”, or something that plainly defies the laws of natural science, I’ll… I’ll…

Well, I guess I’ll just keep complaining because the articles from newspapers wanting to explain that humans had apelike ancestors which derived from even “lesser” ancestors than that in order to support a humanist, amoral, anti-Christian worldview will continue to churn out until Jesus returns.

Now, this isn’t going to be a pro young-earth, Biblical creationist diatribe… There’s room enough for that in other articles. I want to just rant that the scientist in me, the scientist that was a scientist long before he was a Christian, has a beef, and has had a beef ever since he was a little boy, about arguments for evolution as proof that man, or anything, came from lesser beings.

First, let’s look at the fossil record… Evolutionists will point to the fossil record and claim “Hey, look… here’s a fossil <pick your species> that was an earlier ancestor of <pick another, supposedly higher species> because of was found in <name your location> as compared to <name another location>.

What is science?

Let’s learn ourselves up a little… Here is the definition of science given to us from Merriam-Webster:

Knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.

What do fossils tell us? We study through observation (yay science) and see that indeed:

  • I see this is a fossil horse
  • I see that this is a fossil crab
  • I see that this is a fossil tyrannosaur
  • I see that this is a fossil dog.
  • I see that this is a fossil dragonfly

Evolution-WhaleWhat to we not observe in the fossil record? We do not observe fossils turning from one kind of animal into another kind of animal. If the fossil record were to prove evolution, it would be littered with a cornucopia of differing fossils in the midst of change. For instance, you may see a fossil resembling a horse over time through a multitude of fossils turning into a giraffe, each of which would have different size necks. What does the fossil record actually show? That indeed, there were ancient giraffes. That there were ancient horses. But you do not see horses becoming giraffes, or any other combination thereof.


No one denies what is called microevolution: variations within a species. Often, when it comes to horses, evolutionary charts will show horses with differing numbers of toes, claiming this is part of evolution. Actually, it is showing one-toed horses, three toed horses, etc… but they are all still horses. Another favorite of the evolutionists is the fish that jumps up from the mud and “breathes”, purportedly showing this is a bridge species. Sorry, but it is a fish… an advanced variation of a fish, but still a fish.

The big bang

It still amazes me that scientists can say with a straight face “the universe exploded into existence from nothing.” Last time I checked, ‘nothing’ doesn’t explode. If I took a 32-oz beer growler that was vacuum sealed (so that there was nothing inside) would airport security deny me from boarding the airplane because I possessed an explosive device? Didn’t think so.

Another theory was that the contents of the entire universe existed in a nanoparticle that for some reason exploded, giving rise to all matter in the universe. Problem is, from observable science which gave rise to Newton’s first law, an object at rest stays at rest. So what acted upon this nanoparticle to encourage it to explode? Let’s not even ask where this incredulous amount of matter came from that was squished into this nanoparticle? That gets into the law of conservation of mass and energy, where matter cannot be created nor destroyed… so where did this matter come from in the first place?


Supposedly, evolution is the gradual improvement of features in an organism by genetic mutation which eventually results in a new “more improved” species. Problem is, in all of recorded history of genetics we have not observed a successful mutation. This isn’t the world of X-Men, where humans develop super powers by having a “mutated” DNA giving them laser vision, psychokinetic powers, or the ability to shape shift.

What is it that we observe? Change a gene: pow, you have Down’s Syndrome. Change another gene: blam, you have sickle cell anemia… Wikipedia has a list 39 pages long of various genetic disorders resulting from the mutation of the human genome… Science has yet to observe a genomic improvement.

Time for some more… SCIENCE!

Want to learn more? Take a look at a few of these resources: Darwin’s Black Box, Signature in the Cell, and Evolution’s Achilles Heels.


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