FAs useful as Facebook is, I have a few pet peeves.

Profile Pictures

Facebook gives you plenty of opportunity to showcase your kids, your dog, your hedgehog, whatever… When I pull up a list of my friends, I’d like to see… My friends. Instead I see mountains, flags, sports team logos, and pictures of newborn babies I am sure did not friend me. Here are some examples:

10418158_10152388917231638_7781137475528431601_n 12891002_10156821583735602_4676792522003549495_o 12644803_1116038611753427_4945027597936165246_n 12219336_10207655982495603_1624812988538098421_n 11150761_1660032127550486_1697371000858588665_n 1378850_10208348262967625_3663697360888363010_n Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.59.16 PM

These are not my friends. Where are my friends? I forget what you look like!


I understand that the majority of the “free” services on the Internet work on an advertising model. People forget that Google isn’t primarily a search company, but an advertising company: they make their money selling ads. They display said ads via their “free” services.

I was willing to pony up the $9/month for YouTube Red to get rid of all the commercials from my entertainment. FaceBook needs to consider offering a “Premium” version that will knock out all advertising from their site.

Cat Oh No Not You Again

When the same ad won’t go away

My main pet peeve: Let’s say I search for something or visit a site, say Home Depot or Kickstarter. Now every time I go to Facebook I am bombarded with advertising. What’s worse, is when I actually buy a product, I keep seeing the ads for it for weeks on end… Quit showing it to me already!

Autoplaying Video Fail

Recently Facebook decided that when there is a video in your news feed we’ll just start playing it for you.

Without the sound.

However, you can hover over the sound button and click “unmute” and yay, you have sound, but boo, you you have to drag the timeline bar back to the beginning in order to hear the sound and/or dialog that you had already missed because the videos autoplayed.

Got Moar?

Those are my top three peeves about Facebook… what are yours? Leave a comment below!