I had the opportunity to offer up our Intercessory Prayer this Sunday during worship at Huntersville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, which happened to fall on Father’s Day.

I had received a number of positive comments on it, so I thought I would post it in the hopes that it may bless you in its reading as it did me in my writing.

Do you have any Father’s day thoughts, thanksgivings, and prayers? I’d love you to leave a comment!

Happy (post) Father’s Day!

Father, we come to you today with so much to thank you for, for so many blessings you have bestowed upon us, and so much to hope for and look forward to in our future. There is so very much that we we continue to depend on from you, as there is so much work remaining to be done here on earth until You return to make all things new.

And who are we?… that you would call us your children, people so in need of your mercy, as we so deserve your wrath for our so many failings, and for so often taking you and your blessings for granted.

Thank you, O God, for picking us up out of the dust, for breathing true life into our spirits, adopting us into your family, for calling us your children, and showing us the way to true joy, true contentment, and a true perspective about our own selves and our place in the world around us as your image bearers as we carry your message of salvation to the uttermost regions of the earth.

There is so much work to do, father, and we ask that you continue to sanctify us, to purify us, to cleanse us of all our iniquities so we may better shine your light to the world. We cannot reflect your light if we are but dirty mirrors, and the world needs your light… We see that need every day in the headlines as young and talented men and women are murdered in broad daylight for no apparent reason, as followers of false religions perform mass murder domestic and abroad, and as hundreds of millions of dollars are expended by people so in need of your grace, who are fighting tooth and nail, squabbling over the “privilege” of sitting in our nation’s Oval Office.

It is not just in the headlines where we see this need, father but behind closed doors… as myriads upon myriads of your image bearers are destroyed in the womb. As our marriages suffer and fall apart when men do not cherish their wives and wives do not support their husbands; as children go astray when they rebel against parents, teachers, and authorities and go in a way which seems right in their own eyes, but only brings about pain and suffering in their rebellion.

Thank you, Father, for your love, joy, and comfort in our many afflictions, and we ask that you help us remain strong and bold as we spread your gospel, for it is the only way by which any of us shall be saved.

Thank you for the life of this church, as you make us fruitful ministers to our own church family and the community and the world around us – the opening pages of today’s bulletin testify to that as we celebrate graduations, prepare for missions both overseas and literally in our own back yard, and enjoy many fellowship opportunities within our church family in these upcoming weeks.

As we recognize today as Father’s day, celebrating the blessings of fatherhood, help us remember that our fathers here on earth are but a scant reflection of how you father us, and may our men strive to father, to shepherd, to husband our own families, looking to you as the perfect example and inspiration of true fatherhood.

As our heavenly father, we come to you again, with our own requests, faithfully, as we do week after week, year after year, generation after generation, because you never give your children a stone when they ask for bread. You truly are, a faithful father, comforting us when we need you most.

You are with us, by our side as we go through our many sufferings, and father they are many. Our bodies, though made in your image, are fallen… our sufferings are many, from our bones to our brains, From the common cold to cancer. From going to sleep exhausted after a day’s labor you have set before us, to waking up alone in our bed because you called a loved one home after a lifetime of good labor, be that lifetime but a few short years, or threescore and ten, and beyond.

May we not just remember today as father’s day, but every day as such – You are the father who gives, and gives in full. We are your children who ask, and we indeed ask for much, because we need… much.

May our tithes and offerings, what we are about to return to you today, from the many gifts you have blessed us with, continue to drive us to the cross, to drive us to our knees, to drive us to your feet, and drive us to share your good news to our neighbor, our community, and world, so we too may one day hear from you, our father, Well done… well done…

And all of God’s people, all of God’s children said…

Amen, and amen,