GI have seen a number of folks blog about creating a “gratitude list”. My wife has one. It basically helps you have a list of all the things to be grateful for, and every day you add a couple and you see over time just how much you have to be grateful for.

A very successful Kickstarter project, the Self Journal, uses this technique – it’s a time tested technique to help keep you positive throughout the day, moving forward.

Maybe I’ll start… Here is the page. Thanks A-To-Z… something else I can add to my already busy schedule!

It’s been a rough patch in my life lately but I can definitely say I’m grateful that I have things to be grateful for.

  • My wife of 23 years has terminal cancer. I’m grateful that we have had a year now, since diagnosis, to enjoy the preciousness of everyday life instead of losing her during one of her surgeries shortly after diagnosis.
  • On that note, of course: I’m grateful for my God and my Savior: whenever my wife crosses the veil I have the full assurance that it shall only be but for a while that I will be without her, until I too, meet her “on the other side” (Unless of course, Jesus returns before that, which I’m totally cool with!)
  • I have a man, once a dear friend, who has turned on me. Though I weep for the loss of a friend I am grateful for the many Christian brothers who have supported me in dealing with this individual, because he has turned on them too and we all weep for him and lean on each other praying that he will once day “wake up”.
  • I am estranged from two of my three siblings. I am grateful for the happiness which my one “healthy” sibling is experiencing with her new marriage and spankin’ new baby which gives me more than enough joy to make up for the loss.
  • Blue Apron – I love to cook and wow, this is an awesome service. Home delivered meals I get to cook with no ingredient waste! I received my first shipment today and after spending 5 hours on the road today (round trip) to attend a meeting, I was very grateful to come home to cook the first of my three two-serving meals.
  • My cat. He loves me. What can I say.
  • Taxes: Though I have to put the finishing touches on them I am grateful that it appears we will be getting a much needed refund.

What are you grateful for? I invite you to leave a comment below!