My gratitude list, with the most recent entries at the top:


  1. Waking up in a Tempurpedic Mattress.
  2. Successfully waking up early so I don’t have to simply jump up, shower, and run out the door!
  3. Bulletproof Coffee!
  4. Having brushed my cat so he does not shed on me
  5. Sitting in my lounge chair looking into the woods enjoying said coffee while reading my morning devotional.
  6. iPads.
  7. A Good night’s sleep.


  1. Being able to serve my Presbytery as Moderator (Toastmaster skills!)
  2. Taking part in having two major year-long issues handled in a great way at Presbytery
  3. Four days now that Laura hasn’t thrown up because of her new G-Tube implant.
  4. Awesome friends to “go into battle” with.
  5. My iPad Pro and Apple Pencil – came in handy during Presbytery.


  1. Toastmasters, and my club, Before Nine Toastmasters.
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Living in the best nation on the planet
  4. My cat
  5. My wonderful wife, Laura