This is a tribute page to the woman whom I had been blessed with for twenty-three wonderful years.

The Funeral

Her funeral was held the morning of May 14, 2016. It was a beautiful celebration of her life, but more importantly, the life she had in Christ. Her main concern about her funeral, “Don’t talk about me… talk about Christ” was honored, but one could not talk about our savior without the life of the saints in whom he dwells so deeply. It was the demonstrable work of Christ in her life that points people to Him, which was her one desire, and that was honored and evident in the service of worship which you may enjoy in the video below.


Laura's Bulletin Cover Thumbnail

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The Bulletin

One aspect of our cancer journey that we had appreciated was the year that we had to “get our house in order” and to reflect deeply on certain items people often do not get a chance to think of when they die more suddenly, like putting together your funeral bulletin. We had worked on it for some six months, and it was our desire that it be a tribute and testimony not only to Laura, but to the life that Christ had blessed us with.

It is a devotional unto itself, her desire that all who would read it would see the faith that she had, that she knew where it was she was going, and that it may inspire our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that “this is not the end” and those who do not yet believe upon Christ may see her faith and adopt it as their own that they may look forward to seeing her once again in Glory.

The left pages had the various scriptures and devotional materials while the right pages had the order of worship for her service.

The Hymn Sing

Early in our process Laura had a large number of hymns which had been meaningful to her, both in her Christian walk and in her cancer walk. Every time we would revisit the bulletin to make tweaks to it she would always change the three or four hymns that were in the bulletin lamenting “I like so many it’s so hard to choose.” I had a burst of inspiration: “Why choose? Let’s have a Hymn Sing!” and that’s how we decided to have an hour of singing before the service.

It was rather profound, the difference between choosing the hymns those last six months and singing them the day of her funeral. So many of the lyrics were poignant and meant so much more once she had gone to Glory than when we were putting the bulletin together.

The Secret Place

The morning before the evening that Laura had decided it was time to “go home” and we would discontinue our regimen of intravenous fluids and nutrition she had sang a solo at our church: The Secret Place by R.C. Sproul. We had attended the Ligonier conference for eleven years and R.C.’s hymns had been very special to us. Laura sang this hymn of R.C’s and one of his first hymns, Clothed in Righteousness, was sung at her funeral service.


The Journey

caringbridge-logo-horizontalWe were blessed by the service Caring Bridge during our cancer journey. Thanks to Caring Bridge we were able to keep friends, family, and loved ones up to date, sometimes minute by minute, with what we learned and were experiencing through doctor visits, chemo appointments, surgeries, and prayers. Printed out, it encompasses over 200 pages, 125 of which are comments and encouragement from those walking along side us during our journey.

Laura’s FaceBook Page

Laura's FaceBook BannerIt is indeed true that what happens stays in Vegas stays in Vegas, and what happens on the Internet lasts forever.

Laura’s FaceBook page has been memorialized, as I had described in this post (kudos to you, FaceBook, for this feature!). May it continue to be a blessing to those who knew her and an inspiration who may go through their own struggles with a terminal illness.