QIn today’s stimulus-response world we don’t spend much time thinking about the consequences of our actions, our decisions, or even our purpose.

In the news as of late, there is the residual furor over what has come to be known as North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill” which requires that, now bear with me here, that when one has to use the toilet, that men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room.

Rather than go into a political, rhetorical, emotional, ideological, rant devoid of facts and fully ostracizing one side over the other, why aren’t we allowed to ask questions? Questions like,

  • Does it make sense that men should be able to enter the same shower and bathroom facilities as 8, 12, 14, or 16 year old girls?
  • Considering that we as a state have a history of men illicitly entering shower facilities (often dressed as women) and conducting criminal activity (from illegally photographing to physical and sexual assault) might it not be a good idea to have men, even if they ‘identify’ as a woman anytime he feels like it, not enter the shower, for the sake of the children as is often the mantra of the militant left when they want some law or “right” passed?
  • Might it make sense when one state deems ‘x’ to be right, and another state deem ‘y’ to be right, and they make ‘x’ or ‘y’ the law of the land, why don’t you just move to another state? Isn’t that what state rights are all about?

More close to home, questions posed under our roof include

  • Considering you have a terminal diagnosis, when is it acceptable to “let nature run its course” after you have put up as good a fight you wish? When do you draw that line?
  • How do you communicate such action, when you decide to take it? Do you post something on Social Media saying in essence “If you want to say goodbye, you better do it before such-and-such” or do you go quietly in the night and let your spouse tell everyone you have passed on into Glory, enjoying the promises given to those in Christ, and not let goodbye’s be drawn out?

More practically, we can ask the questions

  • Should I pursue career ‘x’ where I will ‘feel’ fulfilled even though I know after 20 years I will have little to show for it, or
  • Should I pursue career ‘y’ where I will actually be able to accumulate enough personal capital where I can attract a mate, pay my bills, and stash enough away that I won’t have any concerns about my financial future.

Oh wait… I have a FaceBook comment on my latest Star Wars meme I need to answer…

Where was I? Oh yeah… Um, wait… my cat needs me…

Cool… let’s move on.. I was just about to… hrm… what was I about to accomplish today?

Hey a New Star Wars trailer just dropped! Let’s watch all the conspiracy theory videos that the fanboys have compiled not 12 hours after the trailer was ahem, ‘leaked’, online!

Our lives tend to be very reactionary. We need to see the latest Social Media fad. We need to get the latest gadget. We need to fit into the status quo.

Question: What if you were against the grain? If you don’t want what most people have (high debt, low income, poor lifestyle habits) you have to stop doing what most people do (watch TV, have a continuous I.V. feed of Social Media) and buck against the grain.

What questions do you need to ask of yourself today?

  • How much is my net worth?
  • Is that good or bad?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • What do I have to say NO to right NOW
  • What do I have to embrace NOW… no, YESTERDAY, to move just one step to where I want to, no, NEED to be?

This is just an overall example of the power of questions. There is no right way, though I am sure there are plenty of wrong ways, to ask yourself appropriate questions and move forward in one’s life.

There is a question: are you currently satisfied with your life and if not, are you willing to ask the necessary questions and take the necessary actions to move one step closer to satisfaction?

Inquiring minds want to know. Leave a comment… or even better… ask a question!