Taking the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Alrighty… Here comes April!

My wife had tuned me in to this concept someone had created on the InterWebs – The April 2016 Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Since I am re-building my personal webpage and need to generate content, what better way to do that then to write a post per day, and be encouraged to do so with other fellow bloggers?

Also, I am testing this new theme system, Avada, and participating in the Challenge will be a good way to get to know the ins and outs of this theme. Many times it is hard to “torture test” a theme and see all that it is capable of doing unless you have a lot of content already in it, so The Blogging from A to Z Challenge will be a great way for me to build content for my site while learning the ins and outs of the theme.

Why should you consider joining the many others in this challenge? Here are a few reasons.

It will help you think

As a Toastmaster, part of our club meeting involves coming up with a speech or a spontaneous explanation for a question posed by our Topicsmaster. To come up with a one to two minute answer to a question off the cuff is a muscle one develops when you do it week after week. Similarly, blogging will help you take an idea you “believe” and put flesh on its bones. The more you do it, the better this mental muscle will develop.

It helps you find out what is important in your life

After writing a half dozen or so entries you will find a pattern: What are you writing about? What topics do you find come easy? What topics are difficult? I see myself writing about life lessons learned, personal improvement, tips on marriage (being a 23-year expert) and perhaps some items about the cancer journey that my wife and I are on, as she is going through her treatments for Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma, a rare and terminal disease. Maybe at the end of 26 posts you will find that you have the outline for a book, and you can seek to get published!

It gets you away from the television!

I won’t even taketh effort to look up the latest statistics about how many hours the average American household watches television… We know it’s horrifying! (If you feel so inclined, look it up and post in the comments below with references!) After Laura and I off television in 1993 and never resubscribed to a broadcast network since, writing and reading fill up that space quite nicely.

It can help you get closer to your family

If you are a parent, you can share your posts with your kids. If you are a child, you can write every day and share your thoughts with your parents. Another horrifying statistic is the amount of time (or lack thereof) parents actually interact with their children every day. If you can each encourage one another to participate in the contest as a daily family exercise, you can each read each-other’s work and discuss what is important to all of you.

It can help you expand your influence in your field

If you are a web developer and you write 26 articles about web design, you can gain more “street cred” from your peers. If you write 26 tips on how to improve your existing website you can attract clients.

Are you up to the challenge? Want some encouragement and feedback during your challenge? Have any other reasons why this would be a great thing to add to my list above? Let me know in the comments and let’s start writing!

PS: At the time of this writing my entry “Constantly Improving” is #1576. As Blogs are weeded out for inactivity (i.e. the quitters) that number may change…

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